I decided to use TNT via Transglobal UK to send two boxes with all my belonging from London to Delhi. My problems began when I realized the wrong invoices were submitted and I was in correspondence with their office in India requesting them if it was possible to resubmit the new invoice.

A big amount was requested for me to clear the goods, which was three times the amount of the freight charges. Until Friday last week UK office was still looking into it and today when I was following up if they could help me by waiving off a small amount, the India office without informing me disposed my goods. No written notice was given. I clearly informed them that I am willing to pay and was asking them to help me out.

But instead they disposed my belonging. Those boxes had everything I owned for three years while I was staying and studying in London. They knew I was unemployed and I had requested them for time. There was absolutely no communication between their offices about my consignment and they decided to dump by goods.

I am really upset and when I called to ask them about my things they refused to help. I am so heart broken that I now can't get my thing because of their mistake. Their terms and conditions clearly state that the sender has to approve before the goods are disposed. No one informed me.

For them it's just another box, I am the one who lost all my things really close to my heart. I had carefully packed all the things I wanted to keep that reminded me of my life in London. They are so mechanical in their approach.

They have to return my stuff. They have made the blunder not me.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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