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Hi there,Iam really pissed that i was scammed by the microsoft promotions and the fake tnt courier service in the uk.

I was scammed on september 4th 2008 by persons who claimed to be tnt dispatch officers and microsoft promo claim agents.

They called me everyday for three mths claiming they paid for part of my shippments.. and that the parcel was being held in my country and i have to pay the difference of 1000us and it will be delivered to me the next day.

I was having cell phone problems causing me to lose contact with them for a month! When my cell was working again they told me the money is still there in my country being held by my government and i dont have much time left i paid them twice and now i hear nothing after asking for and update!

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Thank you for posting, I am dealing with a too good to be true laptop sale myself.  Thanks so much!!


didnt know something so simple could still work, i think i am going to go get a couple prepaid wireless phones

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