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We used TNT to ship inventory from China - LA. We had used their service to ship items of similar size & value to and from the same destination; so, why they decided to send our shipment around the world and inflate the cost by almost 3x the previous price is UNACCEPTABLE.

In addition, it took several weeks for these items to be delivered & half of the inventory arrived damaged. They NEVER provided any invoice with payment terms for us to sign off on & now they are demanding a LARGE payment which we NEVER AGREED TO.

TNT is full of miscommunications & excuses.

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I received a letter from a company, not sure if it's the same one but they are also called TNT and are claiming they paid money to import my merchandise. I have done business overseas before and have never had this problem.

Still don't understand how this happened without my authorization. What did you resolve?

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