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TNT Express' NYC branch offered to ship products I purchased from another company for over six hundred dollars. They were tasked with delivering the product to the city of Guadalajara, in the State of Jalisco, Mexico.

TNTE's first mistake was taking the contract. As a courier, they have no legal right to carry over a certain dollar figure in Mexico. Customs impounded the perfectly legal purchase.

Their second mistake was not telling me; I found out by the web.

I then contacted the company. The first CSR spent about five minutes quibbling because she wanted to prove me wrong when I said the goods were in the wrong State. They are; the goods were held up in Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico. That's the wrong State. The CSR seemed to believe that insisting the customer was wrong for using the word State to refer to an Estado (as in Estados Unidos de Mexico, the United States of Mexico, the country's full name) was somehow a way to avoid responsibility.

The next CSR asked if I'd kindly drive from Guadalajara to Mexico City and get the package myself. Apparently a few hundred miles of mountain roads shouldn't be considered an inconvenience.

I finally spoke with a senior company official. The company official revealed TNT Express was not authorized to carry goods from Mexico City across Mexico City. Had they sent the goods from their hub in Miami directly to Guadalajara, the goods would be held in GDL at the Airport. This would be acceptable; I could retrieve it from the airport. Instead, my goods were impounded by customs because TNT is not authorized to transfer them across Mexico.

Let me restate that: TNT sent my goods to the wrong city in the wrong state and had them held for duties halfway across the country. They did not even know they had no right to deliver goods across Mexico, even though they offer shipping throughout the country. The company does NOT know the regulations of its own industry.

TNT offered two possible resolutions; I could either hire an agent and pay for them to release my goods from customs, then let them be delivered across Mexico, or I could have them returned to the US and sent back to GDL for delivery at the airport. I asked for the goods to go back to Miami.

Instead, agents began contacting me to ask for money for customs. The fees were far higher than any duties I've ever paid for similar products. TNT had promised to pay for the commissions these agents charge by reimbursing me. Needless to say, this statement has no credibility at this point.

TNT E, when you have a customer whose package is in the wrong city, don't argue geography with them. Don't ask them to go get it themselves in their car. Don't expect them to pay agents to fix your mess. Know the laws of a nation before you get your customer's merchandise impounded by customs. Correct the issue and make good on the delivery you promised.

Everyone else, find another courier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Tnt Express Delivery Service.

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Gassville, Arkansas, United States #243317

Minor error: TNT was not authorized to carry goods from Mexico City across Mexico (not across Mexico City). My apologies for the confusion.

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