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The company's thoroughly mismanaged.

In July 2008, I received a bill for a duty and brokerage fee of a package I received from France back in October 2007. Their customer service rep claimed that a company audit revealed that I owed $43.

The problem is that if it were true, they should have billed me at the time of the package delivery. Indeed, since the value of the goods delivered was the same as the amount they charged, I would have refused it right there and then as I had done with some previous packages.

Now, I have no choice but to pay the fee, otherwise they threaten to send a collection agency after me.

One cannot but wonder how honest this is, since TNT is in effect, ramming a purchase down my throat. How can I possibly return the package to the sender now and refuse to pay the duty and brokerage fee?

Product or Service Mentioned: Tnt Express Delivery Service.

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I just received an invoice from them about a package that arrived 4 months ago.

When it arrived, I was forced to pay over $120 in order to accept the package. That was ridiculous enough.

Now they are asking me to pay another 120 something dollars which is a complete outrage. The details explaining what the fees are for aren't even listed on the invoice. If I were to pay this fee as well, that would mean receiving a few shirts from Canada (to the U.S.) would cost almost $250 for just the shipping alone. This is a complete scam.

I'm not responsible for these ridiculous fees.

I did not tell the seller to use such a ***, unreasonable and outrageous company. Let's all report this to the BBB and every other relevant company/agency.

to docroberts1800 #599001

they just got me too, I had to return a coat that was supposed to be my xmas present,because they were asking hundreds of dollars, they said they would 'destroy it' i told them to return it to sender - then they added a new word 'abandon it' I bet someone is wearing it now

private companies should not being doing government jobs like brokering etc, it's like when they deregulated the market - and when they gave the wall street a holes some money they gave themselves raises

tnt has just merged with UPS who does exactly the kinds of scams that tnt does

according to wikipedia they already are in the better business bureau

they need to be shut down and uber audited - those 'customer fees are supposed to go to the government, but you know *** well it goes into their pockets


Thank you so much for pointing out that section in the terms and conditions. Totally saved me from paying them.

Especially since I received someone else's package in error! I wasn't going to pay duty for someone else's stuff!


Another TNT Express rip-off! I got a picture from China (a present).

The price of picture is $30. TNT didn't deliver the package to me but sent it using Canada Post, which required only a signature upon receipt.

A week later I received an invoice from TNT for $16.95 brokerage fee (for the $30 present????). Very smart trick - I cannot return the package since I got it!


"Know the facts" is absolutely correct. Why do you think the Customs dept exists?

Amongst other things, their main purpose is to collect import taxes.

Customs are not ***. Value misdeclarations happen with over 50 percent of all personal shipments. Customs will look at the courier's manifest and will decide for themselves whether the shipper has declared the correct and full value of the shipment.

If there is any suspicion of an under declaration - customs will cross reference their records for a more realistic invoice value.

Govt taxes are even levied against the actual freight costs as well. TNT, FedEx et al are merely the tax collectors working on behalf of the Govt.

to legal-bin Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada #607327

tnt aren't customs same as mall cops aren't the FBI


TNT is a huge rip off we had an account with them, we requested quotes with confirmation number over the phone by providing exact details such as weight , size delivery address, scheduled a pick up and weeks later they charges our account with a complete different amount.The whole Company is fraud. I was trying for month to solve the issue but with no result,I had wittnesses who weight and measure our mails at our local POSTNET service place, they dont care they still ripped us off tillewe stoped using their service.

DONT USE TNT big RIP OFF very unhonest company. We also found out for example we alway send TNT Hard envelope (docs) maybe it had 1 lbs we wrote the exact size on commercial invoice and envelope and TNT wrote us a bill later with example 5 lbs for an envelope CROOKS


I have also received multiple invoices from TNT months after delivery.

I am going to battle them tooth and nail, this is illegal activity. The place I ordered from charged exorbitant shipping fees which more than cover any costs to send items to canada.

to MPC Montreal, Quebec, Canada #599187

Hi There,

I know it's been a long time since u post here but noone is following up to what happens, after the numerous reminder letter and the threats to credit ur account and send lawyers etc....has this happened? did it stop finally? Did u pay it?

to Anonymous #842137

I received my item in May and in July I receive a paper invoice for duty fees. WTF!

Had I known I had to pay duty fees I would not accept the package.

How can a business run like this?? Requesting payment AFTER the goods have been delivered.

I don't understand why they don't request the money upfront before releasing the package??

Question for everybody - what did you do with the unpaid invoice? what happens if it goes to the collect agency?


To Know the Facts.

You might want to know the facts.

TNT claims I owe a $10. disbursement fee and a $15 Cdn brokerage fee and a TNT services GST cost of $3.86 on the above service fees.

The amount of duty for the shipment was $0.00

Amazing what you learn when you know the facts.


Just an update to my post below... I talked to TNT and after a argument about the whats stated in Section 8.3 in the terms and conditions, they said they would credit my account and hung up. I refuse to pay for something i didnt sign for nor agree to pay.


I received a letter from TNT saying i owe them $16 for a package i received from China. I will be telling them that i wont be paying this bill as per the terms and conditions outlined on their site.


I too received, a month after a package was delivered, a bill from TNT ... for $32 for customs, duties, brokerage fees on an item shipped from Germany, which initially cost me $32.

Not sure if this is legal, but if so, it's a dastardly business practice. Will definitely be researching further, registering my displeasure with every government agency I can think of.


To help you all out, if you look at the terms and conditions on TNT Express' own website, section 8.3 specifies that if they decide to charge the receiver and the receiver refuses to pay, the shipper is then responsible for the charges. Send your invoices back to TNT declaring that you are refusing to pay as per section 8.3 of their terms and conditions and tell them to bill the shipper.


This company is charging me 34.19 dollars brokerage fee for a 105 dollars item, and the the sender already charged me 25% for shipping.

FedEx only charges customs and duties.

Leslieville, Ontario, Canada #235980

I work for a courier company and there is some key facts you guys are missing about how the business works regardless of whether it is FedEx, Puro, DHL, or TNT.

1)Customs & Duties have nothing to do with the courier company. They are assessed by the government of the country where the package is going into and they determine if you owe any. The courier company pays for the duty/customs on the receiver’s behalf because the sender agreed to this (if the sender was willing to take responsibility they can check that off on the waybill and the receiver wouldn’t be billed).

2)Brokerage fees are standard industry practice. As for them being too high or not is a personal opinion but the sender is agreeing to all this when they send the package.

3)Most of you bought products from outside of your country, these products were inaccurately valued (according to the gov. not courier company) and they re-assed it so you owe duty. Ex. You say the camera is only $50 they think it is $200 and charge you a % of that for duty.

You guys have to know this information before you ship as to avoid this. These courier companies make billions of dollars annually trust me they are not masterminding this plan to take $40 from you. I hope this helps so you have better experiences in the future.

4)The reason the delivery driver doesn't tell you is because he doesn't know and neither does the depot in your city. If you have complaints about customs/duties the government is the one to talk to. You can't blame the pizza delivery guy for the delivery surcharge on your bill.

FYI: It is better to pay the fees then to have your credit history ruined for such little money. But that is just my opinion it is your call!

to Know the Facts #599005

spare me please, they are skimming and it is obvious, it is like going through an african airport

customs should be government only - not these *** men, I paid them their fee, then I got another fee, and then another - when I finally stopped they threatened to destroy my package - in normal terms that is called 'extortion'

do as we say and nobody will get hurt

in this terrorist era everyone just lets these jerks do what they want as long as they stop the anthrax going through the mail, meanwhile these clowns are using our hard earned money and keeping our packages, unjust enrichment and ursury

to Know the Facts Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #785263

Hitler had his apologists, too. When I purchase an item and pay for the shipping, I do not expect to be ambushed by the shipping company several months after the delivery. A class action against such sleezebag companies (like TNT Express) will put an end to these blatantly unfair business practices.

Why don't you quit your job and find some honest work?


Haha.. I've been a constant seller and buyer of Craiglist for a while now..

I mostly stick to local... But, had a person, who had posted a MacBook Air, for a ridiculousness low price.. I aint ***, and have read plenty about scams to catch my eye.. and in the inside of me, was kinda looking forward to the great deal >.> lol

Well, I replied to the posting, and was greeted with a reply almost instantly, but to my horror and surprise?

The person had moved to the UK, just after posting her Laptop... She tried to sale it there.. but wouldn't get much if nothing for an almost new Mac?.. Cuz it was a US Mac?

lol, I decided to play along, and see how far people take this scams.. Well, long story short!! The person "Anna" had a great idea, so that I would be safe, and I could get my money's worth!! I just had to do the business with a company called TNT international.....

Well, I just brushed it off, and knew fully well that it was a scam, so ignored it.. but, curiosity got to me ^ ^ and did some research! The Company exist, but its problems are too real too.. Frauds, Scams, Threats of Legal action...

Just makes me wonder, why can't people put closer attention to what the get into..

and for those that had done nothing to get scammed, suckz, I would be pissed my self too.. Great luck with all you :D

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