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The company's thoroughly mismanaged.

In July 2008, I received a bill for a duty and brokerage fee of a package I received from France back in October 2007. Their customer service rep claimed that a company audit revealed that I owed $43.

The problem is that if it were true, they should have billed me at the time of the package delivery. Indeed, since the value of the goods delivered was the same as the amount they charged, I would have refused it right there and then as I had done with some previous packages.

Now, I have no choice but to pay the fee, otherwise they threaten to send a collection agency after me.

One cannot but wonder how honest this is, since TNT is in effect, ramming a purchase down my throat. How can I possibly return the package to the sender now and refuse to pay the duty and brokerage fee?

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Hey, this lawyer is nowhere.There is no license # on the letter or anything.

The company where he works is trackable, not him.

So, why not contact NJ Bar association and inquire about license of this guy

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I wish I had read this earlier.I was billed for $150+ (valued more than the goods itself).

I inquire about it, and was told by their CS rep that they will handle it. I was told they made an error on the PST, and I should be paying only $40+, so I did. Later I got two more invoices in the mail and a letter from Weinstock and O'Malley asking me for the full amount of $150+. This is just absolutely crazy.

I googled the company, and contacted the president of TNT (only spoke to his assistant), and today I got an e-mail confirming my a/c is "zero". I kinda feel that I may receive further notices from TNT or Weinstock and O'Malley.

What can we do about it?This is so wrong.


same thing here......

the first letter I received from TNT was not my invoice...but many pages of invoices of other companies...I was like "what the heck!"

I've received three reminders other than the first one, but I ignored all of them cuz they are just unreasonable~

then I received a letter from the LAW OFFICES OF WEINSTOCK & O'MALLEY...it kinda...yar, the letter successfully led me to write a check even though I still didn't know why I should pay for it(I've contact TNT, but the response was like "we're currently unavailable")...

I feel so lucky that I found this post...right now, I decide to not send them the check. But does anybody know what would happen if i dont pay ? I've never met such a thing before...:(


Same thing happened to me. Out of the blue I received a bill for $40.62 (more than the value of the goods!) for tax, duty and brokerage on a shipment from the UK to Canada a month previously.

I sent TNT a cheque for $14.37 to cover the tax and duty payable to Canada Customs, but refused to pay their excessive $25 brokerage fee since I was not informed of this prior to accepting delivery. I had already paid £15 in shipping charges to the sender in the UK.

TNT's own shipping documentation was incorrect and inconsistent, at one point showing zero freight paid. Another of the shipping documents, however, clearly stated "Sender pays."

The cheque was cashed April 26, but I received no reply to my letter disputing the brokerage fee - just another invoice for $25. When I spoke to the billing department on May 20, I was assured that the brokerage fee had been cancelled and I could ignore the latest bill.

Then, on May 28, I received a letter dated May 21 from some New Jersey law firm called Weinstock & O'Malley, seeking to collect the original amount of $40.62. Another irate call to TNT by my wife produced the same assurance that the brokerage fee had been cancelled.

I therefore have two questions for TNT and Mr. Stephen O'Malley of the law firm:

1. Why are you still trying to collect an amount that had been partially paid (and the balance disputed) a month before your letter?

2. What business does a New Jersey law firm have trying to collect from a Canadian customer of a Canadian operation (TNT Express Canada, Mississauga, Ontario). Last time I checked, Canada was still a separate sovereign nation. I can only conclude that no Ontario law firm was willing to be associated with such practices...


THIS IS A SCAM!!Do not pay them!!!

i already fell victim to it once and paid the fake bill. I had a huge feeling it was a fraud but at the same time thought maybe it could be real so I paid. But then i got another bill for more on a purchase valued at $0!! So there is no way this is possible.

Do not pay these people no matter what they say to you. i am receiving letters claiming to be from their lawyers. DO not pay them. Customs should be collected when receiving a package.

This is fraud. Also when I paid the first bill i never even got a email receipt when I even asked for one. Notice they never pick up the phone??? Also girl that will eventually call back sounds uneducated and like shes just sitting at home.

Such a *** SCAM. Cant believe people try and take peoples money.

Also how in the world can someone legally force you to pay something when you never consented anywheres that you would.Have fun with that TNT scammers!!!


I sent TNT their 1.06 they paid. asked to resubmit brokerage fee statement. Haven't heard since


TNT is a front, and nothing more, for international monetary scams. Check in with Scotland Yard, FBI (America), etc, and they will tell you.

They also rely heavily on Western Union, who I'm told will not accept any requests for wire transfers to any TNT station or office.


I just got a notice from the law offices of Weinstock and O'Malley, saying I owe TNT $35.60?

I have been back from a round the world trip fro 6 weeks and had not received a package or even a bill or late notice from TNT. I was gone for 4 months prior to this, I think this is a scam and I have phoned both TNT and the lawyers to find out wtf is going on.


I just got a bill for over $200 for a pair of boots shipped from Europe to the US!I would have refused the package too.


A friend who's a lawyer said I shouldn't pay them.He thinks its a scam by which they bill the shipper and then try to bill the recipient.


Absolutely correct. The same thing happened to me!

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